A New Kind of Neighborhood Design

When tasked with designing an entirely new residential complex near Steamboat Resort, we could have created a dense residential structure that’s common for urban areas. However, we chose to keep density high while leveraging the site to provide distinctive homes that stand out in the local market with a warm, community feel. Urban Street at the Mountain features a collection of triplexes, duplexes and row homes in a myriad of styles to accommodate individuals, couples and families.

Urban Street at the Mountain is a new kind of neighborhood in Steamboat Springs

“Our team took a unique approach to better suit the community’s needs,” Partner Sarah Tiedeken O’Brien said. “We wanted to design a variety of housing types that were modern but stayed true to the ambiance of Steamboat.”

The team’s land development strategy allowed for the incorporation of several pocket parks and a restored wetland corridor for more natural areas to enjoy – a big draw for the outdoor-minded residents of Steamboat. Plus, the views of the ski area are maximized in each unit, with spacious outdoor decks or patios at the front or back of the unit, depending on where views were optimal in every location.

Pocket parks and balconies maximize access to the outdoors.

The exterior design reflects the varying types of units and the mountain yet modern style, using mountain silhouettes and exposed timbers in combination with urban modern flat roofs and patchwork color siding.

“We integrated a number of  roof styles and layered materials for an eclectic vibe,” Sarah said.

Large windows and mixed wood siding create an exterior design that draws the eye.

Once you enter Urban Street at the Mountain, the triplex units surround the looped road of the neighborhood. They are ample and airy, featuring four bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, rooftop decks and a two-car garage. Each unit is filled with space and light and homeowners can choose from two different finish packages – Mountain Eclectic or Traditional.

Each housing type was designed with the same attention to detail.

Both the duplex and row home units feature a more urban, vertical design with four bedrooms, 3.5 baths and a two-car garage  Also equipped with rooftop decks offering stunning, panoramic views, each home is characterized by giant glass windows in the stairwell to draw light into the middle of the home. Read more about the design styles and interior design in the latest blog from Stel House + Home.

“We see both home owners and developers looking to integrate the textures and rustic feeling of a mountain home with modern and timeless touches,” said Sarah. 

The interior design represents the new mountain modern with a clean, airy and bright palette. The light colored walls, sleek floors, vast kitchen islands and crisp cabinets allow light to flood the space. The Mountain Eclectic style uses warmth and mixed materials to bring a younger, fresher, more pop-out look from the classic and tasteful Traditional Mountain style. 

The interior design complements the natural light in each space.

In the furnished model unit, future residents can see how Stel House + Home staged the furnishings and materials to augment and complement the home’s airiness and abundance of natural light. Texture, warm and color are layered throughout, rounding out the aesthetic charm with hand-dyed pillows and framed local art. 

One-of-a-kind designer pieces are also mixed with familiar furnishings to elevate the look, for example, classic swivel chairs alongside a handmade, blackened oak and steel side table from Colorado artisans at Twenty1Five. Reach out to Stel House + Home to inquire about any furnishing or decor you may want for your space.

Furnishings by Stel House + Home let potential homeowners envision bringing the mountain modern room to life.

Urban Street at the Mountain brings a fresh, dynamic feel to Steamboat Springs, modern and innovative, but with enough blank slate potential for residents to create their own, personalized home. Phase one of Urban Street on the Mountain is complete and units are still available. For more information visit www.urbanstreetsteamboat.com.