The Architectural Expertise Behind Equestrian Facilities

Equestrian Design to Reflect Your Needs and Style

This is the second blog post in our series detailing the planning, design and building of equestrian facilities. You can read about planning your equestrian estate here and find more information about our equestrian services here.





Overall Ranch Aerial
From a boutique personal barn to an active working barn with leased stalls, our equestrian liaisons can work with teams of any size.

Every equestrian owner has unique dreams of an ideal facility where they will one day run their ranch. At Vertical Arts, we understand that no matter how experienced you may be, everyone has their own style of riding and their own way of managing a barn. Our solutions are innovative and we have experience customizing barns, arenas and equestrian facilities to fit a range of aesthetic tastes and equestrian needs. From layouts and functionality to interior design and high end finishes, we can walk you through each architectural design decision.

Functional Equestrian Facilities

We know there are different types of riding styles and breeds of horses that may be a part of your ranch. With any combination, Vertical Arts is familiar with designing facilities for large animals that require special accommodations for their health and wellness. Some determining factors include planning for support spaces, hay and bedding types, how much feed can be stored and how much compost can be onsite. Our architectural design addresses functionality of grooming and wash stalls, tack rooms and support spaces and optimal layouts for the barn and surrounding facilities.

Overall Ranch Aerial
Architectural details address the functionality and optimal layout desired by each owner, such as being able to train multiple steeds at once.

Designing with Horses in Mind

There’s a plethora of design considerations to prioritize for equestrian facilities, such as heating and cooling, ventilation and connectivity. Whether your barn is in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado or the plains of Kansas, climate control is a vital aspect to ensuring horses stay healthy and happy. Our designs incorporate fans and ventilation to preservice optimal air quality and temperature in addition to windows that won’t create glare and spook the animals. And, to account for hot, cold and windy weather conditions, we’ve designed spaces to be connected, such as enclosing a breezeway from the barn to the arena at Perry Park Ranch.


Barn Aisle
Custom stable gates allow for the horses to swing their heads out into the aisles and the transition of walkway to interior stable materials help to maintain the area.

Implementing Your Style

Once the practical pieces are determined, it’s time to bring your aesthetic and style into the architectural design. Interior finishes like aisle and stall flooring can be chosen based on durability, maintenance and personal preference. While the lighting will need to be raised to accommodate horses, these types of design choices can really bring your personality into the equestrian facilities. From a practical, working barn where horse safety takes priority to a more high-end design that matches a home, we are architecturally innovative to customize each option for a range of tastes

Viewing Area Living Room
This viewing area was designed with the guest experience in mind, and incorporates a mountain modern style the owners preferred.
Our full range of services allows our team to envision a holistic property, bringing your equestrian estate to life. From creating a larger brand for your ranch to highlighting unique details, we offer the complete package of design. Inquire about our equestrian design services here.