Art Deco Movement of 2023 Moves to Understated Luxury In 2024

With the start of a new year, it’s time to reflect on where design landed in 2023 and where it’s headed for 2024. We connected with our in-house expert Andrew Pharis to chat through what the Vertical Arts architects and interior designers saw this past year and how the art deco movement will give way to understated luxury in the new year.

In 2023, we saw a movement start with the goal to get rid of all white kitchens and farmhouse styles, but by the end of 2024, we’ll see this swing into an understated luxury. Interior design tends to follow fashion trends. The wide success of the TV series Succession in 2023 had a huge influence on the fashion industry with brands creating lines based around understated luxury that resembled the cast’s attire. We’re now seeing that transfer into the interior design space. This year as we move toward understated luxury, we’ll see bold colors, textures and patterns, including deep bold retro colors, geometric patterns and stripes. In fact, many fabric companies have already announced their new stripe collections.

colorful couch with art behind it

This redesign juxtaposes clean, simple, high-end finishes with whimsical and playful furniture that doesn’t shy away from patterns and color. Youthful, eclectic elements accessorize the main living spaces and a 70s, mid-century influence is featured throughout the home.

The Fusion of Styles

With this, there seems to be a collectivism of styles currently – an art deco style, fusing elegant and contemporary – which is a natural middle ground of minimalism and over-the-top maximalism. This style is more elegant and refined, and will soon simmer into a quiet, understated luxury. It will include color, but on a neutral backbone.

luxury custom home exterior

 Understated, elegant furnishings with massy stone walls and light steel windows allow the views to command top billing throughout the home.

What’s In?
Some designers would argue that brutalism will be trending to replace minimalism, but we would push back on this one. Our clients are still seeking comfortable textures and styles that feel cozy, they’re just adding in bolder colors and patterns alongside the comfort. They’re also looking for things that are personal to them – whether that be their favorite color, pattern or more personalized antiques – they want things that make them happy.

Custom Shower Mosaic

In this home, the Vertical Arts team created a stunning custom mosaic of a family member wake surfing on Lake Catamount to drive home the personalized mountain lakeside, yet modern, style and create a one-of-a-kind piece customized for the home.

The Transition of Styles

As the style transitions to understated luxury, here are a few key changes predicted to come:

  • The all-white kitchen is out. It’s now wood and natural textures. Bold, and even black, is back. Statement countertop material like colorful marble or something unique like wood or textured laminate add personality. 
  • Cozy, comfortable textures are still important, we’re simply adding in bolder colors and patterns alongside the comfort. 
  • Nickel is back, brass is out. Mixed metals will also have a moment as people transition from brass to satin nickel. 
  • 2023’s curves and interestingly shaped furniture will follow through into a clean line version that mixes curves with elegant lines and angles for a complex art deco shape. 
Stone Surround fireplace with curved chairs

 Leaning into the homeowner’s whimsical taste, the design team mixed feminine style with elemental mountain architecture generating a softness out of the hard materials. The curves of these Four Hands chairs create an interesting contrast to the bulkier mountain fireplace in this home.


  • Sustainability remains important. Clients are looking for natural materials that feel healthier, asking for more sustainable options, including insulation alternatives, formaldehyde free and responsibly sourced wood and cabinetry.
  • There is a desire for objects that feel somehow familiar. Vertical Arts has recently sourced a lot of one-of-a-kind art pieces. Clients want something special, such as a piece made from a local artist that’s unique and not mass produced. 
  • Unique lighting: Instead of the traditional three-pendant lighting in a kitchen, we’re looking for options with a manmade feel, like a cluster of 16 glass orbs. Or instead of a traditional chandelier, we’ll consider using flocks of lights that look like tangled up pieces of metal with fireflies. Clients are looking for unique options that aren’t overly manufactured.


Exterior Modern House with Wood Siding

This home was designed to be “net zero ready,” by inputting insulation, triple paned windows, an aero barrier and more enhanced sustainability measures.

What is the best fit for you?

At the end of the day, trends are indicative of style and styles are constantly changing. And your own style can change too, of course. If you’re going to attach yourself to a style, do it right and do it big. Whether its art deco or understated luxury, if you like it, that’s what counts! To see some of our most recent projects that encapsulate some of these trends, check out Our Work page and additional blog posts