Which Windows Are Best for Your Home?

A home is created with four walls and roof, right? But what about the windows? This is a huge aspect of architectural design that can add flair, elegance and of course a way to see the wonderful world outside of your home. It seems simple, but you may be shocked to learn just how many different styles and options are available when it comes to selecting windows.

Our talented team of architects and interior designers can artfully craft your window package to look composed, thoughtful and aligned to your vision. Plus, you won’t have to stick to just one style throughout the entire home. The Vertical Arts team can mix and match types and styles to give you a customized look that fits your home and style best.

Exterior Modern House with Wood Siding

For a rustic look, check out traditional mullion windows. To go more modern, find picture windows you like then mix and match for your ultimate design.

Priorities & Materials

There are a couple choices to sort through when it comes to what your windows are actually made of. Our team starts with each homeowner’s priorities and filters through products based on the agreed upon design criteria. If you’re prioritizing design and style you may gravitate towards steel windows, as they look beautiful and delicate at a higher price point, like these windows at Perry Park. Does performance matter most to you? Look to European aluminum or fiberglass windows that can offer a similar look to steel, but have the high performance value of triple pane glass and advanced technology. Check out Park Place to see how these windows can look. And if price point is a bigger priority, try standard aluminum clad wood windows that can be detailed and styled to look similar to their steel counterparts for a fraction of the cost, like these windows at Clark Retreat.

Modern Mountain Home with Divided and Picture Windows

Though this home has a mix of divided and picture windows, the modern mountain style is seamlessly integrated through the exterior design elements.

Design & Style

Windows bring light and depth to spaces and the feel of your home can change from sunrise to sunset depending on how expertly placed your windows are. The first step in this process is thinking through the aesthetic you’d like to see throughout the home. Divided windows give a delicate and homey aesthetic while large picture windows speak to a more modern style. Floor-to-ceiling designs have become a popular way to connect to the outdoors and can best be suited for main living areas, kitchens and dining rooms. Windows are a big part of the architectural and interior design and can really make a statement through various colors and finishes.

Modern Mountain Home with Perfectly Aligned Windows

A lot of hard work goes into ensuring each window and door is perfectly aligned.

The functionality of a window influences its placement and design. For instance, a tall, floor-to-ceiling operable window would be functionally pertinent and aesthetically pleasing in the great room because views to the outside are most important and needs of entertaining from the exterior to interior are relevant. Alternatively, a non-operable picture window above a bathtub may only need to serve as a pointed view. Its positioning relies on how much privacy is needed for the client, such as being high enough to provide light only or low enough to see a view but provide intimate privacy.

Ultimately, each homeowner will determine which views to capture from the inside and how the windows will look from the outside.

Large Modern Windows with Foldable Window Wall

The large modern windows and foldable window wall give homeowners open views
and access to the yard of this ski-in ski-out custom home.

Function & Performance

When speaking to window performance, we want to ensure the windows are high quality enough to well-insulate the home, especially in mountain communities.

Insulation is measured in U-Factor ratings and the number of panes impacts the window’s thermal performance. Higher quality windows perform better against sunlight exposure, wind and other elements.

Types of glass and coatings can also affect window performance as does the maintenance required to upkeep them.

For functionality, consider if the window needs to open or not and which type of hardware is
needed for the window to function.

From tilting to completely sliding open, multiple options can work in your home depending on the room.

Traditional mullion windows

For a rustic look, check out traditional mullion windows. To go more modern, find picture windows you like then mix and match for your ultimate design.

Cost & Budget

When our team walks you through the budgeting process for your window treatments, we start by helping you prioritize the views you want by importance. For example, having large windows that make a statement from the entryway or windows that provide a tranquil primary bedroom space would be a top priority for some homeowners. Factors that influence cost include the brand name, sustainability features and where it’s made. Common household brand names can sometimes trim costs and they may have higher quality customer service offerings. Prioritizing sustainability can help save on energy costs in the long run, but since they come with more panes for insulation, you’ll pay more up front compared to less sustainable options. Finally, where are your windows made? Finding an option closer to home cuts down on shipping costs and the risk of your windows breaking during transit, however you may not find some of the features you like that are only offered by overseas brands.

Behold the complex technology that goes into window selection

We use technology to demonstrate how sunlight will interact with your home’s windows and how they should be strategically placed to capitalize on sunshine in colder winter months and cool breezes in the summer.

So which windows are right for you?

If you’re overwhelmed by the depth of just this one design choice, don’t worry, our team of experts guides each client through each step of the process with ease. Take a look at more of our recent projects and contact us to chat about your personal design style. We’re happy to bring your dream to life!

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Bold Black-Framed Windows in Modern Farmhouse Home

These bold, black-framed windows provide the contrast needed for this modern farmhouse home.