Design Tips to Tackle Mudroom Mayhem


As the seasons change, get inspired by this mudroom mood board to upgrade your space.

When the seasons start to change many homeowners get excited to bust out their fall decor, scarves and boots; however as cooler weather approaches, kids, dogs and guests alike will inevitably trek crunchy leaves, twigs and mud all throughout the home. This is where a dedicated and organized mudroom comes in handy, and in the Rocky Mountain West, we use mudrooms all year round to enter the home.

Our expert interior designers are sharing their tips with homeowners needing extra storage space for mountain gear, as seen in Homefinder’s Summer issue.

Save space with storage

Transitioning seasons means hiking, snow and winter gear move in and NCIDQ-certified interior designer Michele McCarthy recommends homeowners invest in lockers as an easy way to keep everyone organized and tidy. She points out the need to prioritize both materials and style, with metal and mesh being the best to use for ventilation to dry damp items. Mudrooms should match the style of the rest of the home, but can be equipped with handy organizational design details such as a chalkboard wall for notes and reminders or hanging key holder. The key to organization is to compartmentalize, either with vertical separators that divide the space into cubbies or by using storage bins. Wicker bins can allow for a bit of decorative style and air circulation, while clear plastic containers make it easier to identify what’s inside without having to pull the container out. Bins can be labeled by contents, sport, season, or individual name, the latter especially useful for keeping track of small, frequently used items such as gloves, sunglasses, car keys, earbuds, and dog leashes.

Focus on the floors

McCarthy notes that flooring can get messy. Homeowners looking to avoid cleaning dirty rugs can opt for a floor tile with more character or richer pattern. Porcelain tile, because it is durable, water resistant, and easy to clean, may be the best choice for mudroom flooring. Natural stone works well, too, as long as it is sealed. Going the rug route in mudrooms can be a function flooring piece as long as they are practical and trap the dirt that’s sure to make its way in. For longevity, use indoor-outdoor rug,, which stands up to foot traffic and is easy to clean.

Helpful features to have on hand

McCarthy recommends thinking through shoe storage when crafting mudroom upgrades. Shoe trays can be a practical way to contain mess and are optimal for hosting guests in the home. And of course, provide a place to sit while you load up on gear. Mudroom seating can be as simple as a stool with a bit of space underneath for storing footwear. Finally, if there’s room for it, a mirror not only helps make a mudroom seem larger but also gives you a chance for a last minute adjustment to scarves and hats before stepping out to face the world, or arranging hair and collars before making a grand entrance.

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