Equestrian facility planning and design requires a higher level of attention to detail and listening to clients to ensure all needs are met. The Vertical Arts team has experience designing spaces that are both beautiful and functional with well thought out layouts and features specifically tailored to taking care of animals. We put in the time and effort it takes to create cutting-edge custom facilities integrated with existing homes, ranches , barns, arenas and equestrian facilities.

Getting to know you

During our proprietary envisioning process we delve into what is important to you through visiting the site and asking copious questions designed to explore your hopes and dreams for your project. Our team does extensive research to ensure the facility is designed for optimal ventilation and cleanliness in order to create a healthy environment for the horses.


Collaborating on design

We design with horses in mind, taking every detail into account such as watering, ventilation systems, lighting that doesn’t spook, food and bedding storage and more. We prioritize safety without compromising on design.


Bringing the concept to life

Our experienced team not only ensures quality, innovative detailing, but also sound building science details. Our 3-D renderings and modeling technology help us coordinate all aspects of the site and facilities before any construction begins.


Putting your needs first

Our team supports you through the entire construction process, ensuring all questions are answered, reviewing on-site work, and coming up with innovative solutions to anything not explicitly detailed in the design. Our solution-oriented approach puts our clients’ needs first throughout the entire process.


Our Equestrian Services

  • 3-D renderings
  • Bedding storage
  • Driveway access
  • Estate planning
  • Fencing design
  • Footing coordination
  • Indoor arena design
  • Landscape architecture
  • Landscape features
  • Outdoor arenas
  • Outbuildings
  • Site analysis and planning
  • Stall design
  • Viewing areas