How Remodeling Can Completely Transform a Home


A modernized front porch updates the look and feel of an older home

While the latest fashion trends may be circling back to the 90s, architecture and design trends have been moving in a whole new direction. We often work with homeowners seeking an entirely fresh look and feel to their home, and a significant remodel can result in a total transformation. 

In approaching a remodeling project, we go through our proprietary envisioning process to understand how you like to live and determine how best to craft a home around your needs. We take the most prized parts of an existing structure while getting rid of the portions — both aesthetic and structural — that no longer serve the current owner.


An updated entryway changes the home’s first impression

“Our team first identifies key elements of the existing home —  the space, quality, views and structural elements — and then figures out how to tweak them into a completely different home that better suits the new owners,” says Sarah Tiedeken O’Brien, partner at Vertical Arts. 

For example, traditional mountain homes of the past heavily featured timber and were more focused on internal elements  creating a cozy atmosphere. Now, with improved window quality, views are a major priority, as are lighter and brighter spaces, allowing for a connection to the outdoors through floor to ceiling windows.


Traditional stone and timber gives way to sleek, modern lines and a brighter color palette

A professional architecture and design team can see opportunities homeowners can’t, like how removing a wall or raising the roof (literally) can completely open and augment a space. The team can steer the vision of the home somewhere you might not have imagined and, using 3D technology and renderings, can help you see exactly how the remodeled space will look. 

For example, in our Grand Lake Remodel project, we reconfigured the entry of the home and raised the roof, changing the overall look and feel of the house. Adding square footage and more open space made all the difference in revamping the home’s entire ambiance.


Raising the roof and inserting a multitude of windows modernized the look of the home

Some remodeling projects begin with small steps such as new finishes and fresh paint, but turn into larger opportunities when an architect’s eye lands on previously undiscovered possibilities based on how you want the home to function. A remodel can go as far as completely gutting a home to restructure  each element of the layout, thus rerouting your navigation of every room.

The intrinsic value of remodeling an older home versus building something new is immeasurable for homes that hold grandfathered status in a tough HOA. For example, in markets like Vail or Aspen there are building restrictions that are difficult to navigate and which limit options for newly constructed homes. However, if you choose to remodel your existing home, you can completely alter its style and functionality while avoiding lengthy (if not impossible) permitting and approval processes.


We completely rearranged this condo’s layout and reorganized the kitchen

In some cases, remodeling can be more cumbersome and complicated than building a new home. Old HVAC systems, bad electrical work or heavily damaged siding could tip the scales and you may save time by renovating your current home.

“We can help homeowners determine the potential of a structure before they buy to help them make a decision between remodeling an existing home or building something new,” Tiedeken O’Brien says.

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