How to Go All-In on Outdoor Living

 Many of the homeowners who hire our team at Vertical Arts have a desire to maximize their outdoor living space. Whether it be to take advantage of the scenery or to create shared family spaces, we are always up for the challenge. From Boulder to Larkspur, our architecture, planning, design and landscape architecture teams went all in on indoor/outdoor living at three of our recent projects.


Photo Credit: Gibeon Photography

At Boulder Ridge, the floor-to-ceiling windows and graded walk-outs at every level blend the line between indoor and outdoor.


Using our proprietary envisioning process, we leave our egos at the door to  truly enjoy getting to know our clients and their vision on a personal level. In listening to our clients, we’re able to deliver a carefully crafted space that celebrates the outdoors suited to their lifestyles.

For example, through our envisioning process with homeowners in Bow Mar (a town bordering Littleton in south Metro Denver), we knew we had to tie their 50’s era home into the surrounding neighborhood in a more natural way. That process included pulling in exposed timber and wood siding to warm up both the interior and exterior.

For the Tazi Ranch in Larkspur, Colorado, we immediately became inspired by our clients’ willingness to merge culture with functionality. This resulted in a stunning modern courtyard with Moroccan panels, multiple water elements, fire pits and gathering spaces to deliver on the homeowners dreams.


Photo Credit: Gibeon Photography

The courtyard at Tazi Ranch in Perry Park creates a cozy, easily accessible outdoor environment that’s shielded from the elements.


Around this time of year when springtime finally hits Denver, homeowners itch to start grilling, mowing and planting their way to luxurious outdoor spaces. Looking back, Bow Mar homeowner Shan Dagli would’ve invested even more space toward his family’s outdoor lifestyle.

“We chose to be conservative in using our yard space for our deck and outdoor space, but now would choose to create an additional 30-50% of space for additional seating, larger furniture and more outdoor kitchen space,” he said.

We asked Shan if he had any advice to share with other outdoor enthusiasts in the market for a remodel.

“Don’t get too ahead of yourself. We recommend incorporating the interior design team at the start, right alongside the architect, builder and landscape designers,” he said. “This ensures you get the right space for the furniture and exterior elements that you want.”


Photo Credit: David Patterson

A family of seven in Bow Mar made the most out of their remodel and capitalized on love of their outdoor lifestyle


Most importantly, your new space has to be functional in both design and practicality. In the mountains of Steamboat Springs, our client’s Boulder Ridge home sat on a sloping hill and required our best ingenuity to craft a multi-level home with walk-out patios at each level. The reimagined outdoor space features connected pathways that offer stunning views of floor-to-ceiling windows that impressively cover the home. The lot’s privacy allows for an entire back wall of glass windows that leave you under the impression you’re actually outside.

Stone and steel beam materials bleed between indoor and outdoor areas, and layered lighting and intricate paving paths help merge the two spaces. On the exterior, the landscaped boulder wall and flower beds melt into the natural scenery of the nearby Bow-Routt National Forest.

At Tazi Ranch at Perry Park, the entire site, including a multi-building horse ranch, needed to flow with an ease of functionality, allowing for both visitors and horse trailers to seamlessly use the space. The home is smartly tucked into the rocky hillside with a sweeping view of the mountains to enjoy. The subtle landscape design looks and feels true to their surroundings while offering additional protection from high velocity winds that can impact the area.

At the Dagli’s home in Bow Mar, our team was able to solve the owner’s parking snafu, finally allowing the large truck to fit in the garage alongside a new workshop. For this large family of seven, it was important for the popular outdoor spaces to be easily accessible to the entire family.  The home’s large sliding doors create fluidity and continuity from outdoor patio to indoor living space, ensuring many summer nights will be spent outdoors together.