Interior Design Inside Two Local Businesses

With a large team at our Steamboat Springs location, our firm is always eager to support local businesses. From providing brand packages to comprehensive architecture and interior designs for a new space, we love to help our locals in any aspect of design we can. We recently worked on two local businesses, Mythology Distillery and Yampa Valley Hop House, bringing both gathering spaces to life for each of their communities to enjoy. As experts in commercial design, we brought our architectural and interior design experience to take these businesses to the next level.

Bar View

 Garage-style doors, merch for sale and various displays add flair to the distillery.

Every equestrian owner has unique dreams of an ideal facility where they will one day run their ranch. At Vertical Arts, we understand that no matter how experienced you may be, everyone has their own style of riding and their own way of managing a barn. Our solutions are innovative and we have experience customizing barns, arenas and equestrian facilities to fit a range of aesthetic tastes and equestrian needs. From layouts and functionality to interior design and high end finishes, we can walk you through each architectural design decision.

Beginning Design

For Mythology Distillery, our team was brought in to develop a distinct vibe for the tasting room, planning the space and implementing interior design choices for finishes and furnishings.

Our goal was to capture the allure of the West and all that entails, paying homage to Steamboat’s storied Western heritage. And even with the similarities between two local beverage businesses, the aesthetics couldn’t be more different.

At Yampa Valley Hop House, our team was brought on to remodel the architecture and interior design of an existing building with the goal of creating a cozy, English pub-like environment to enjoy Yampa Valley brews. The resulting brewery space is an interesting blend of a traditional pub vibe with mountain modern details.

Our goal was to capture the allure of the West and all that entails, paying homage to Steamboat’s storied Western heritage. And even with the similarities between two local beverage businesses, the aesthetics couldn’t be more different.

hop house perspective

Unique lighting fixtures and multiple seating options bring the brewery together.


Our expert interior designers collaborated with both businesses to find a color scheme that would fit each personality. Mythology Distillery’s color palette gives a casual yet cozy feel, with rich teals and blues matched with a buttery yellow leather and woven fabric. There’s a warmth to the space from various wood tones contrasted by steel and copper metal touches in each area of the tasting room.

The color palette at Yampa Valley Hop House started with the warm wood tones of an old English pub incorporated into the floors and wood-wrapped columns. Pops of teal and green were added to pay homage to the company’s logo and to create visual interest. Mixed seating options were a priority for the owners for patrons to gather where they felt most comfortable – the casual bar, rustic tables or laid back lounge area. With eclectic found furniture pieces, the brewery comes across as stylish and charming with pops of modern colors.


Sitting Area Angle

A large, sepia-toned topography map of the local area pairs well with a teal bookcase and furnishings at the tasting room.

Design Finishing Touches

The team used finishes to drive the Western theme at Mythology home. The main bar, crafted from whiskey barrel staves, draws the eye through the space to the back area creating depth and dimension. To complement the wide plank wood floors and steel garage doors, we implemented soft touches using a cozy lounge area with multiple seating options, highlighted by a large sepia tone map of Colorado that engaged guests. A custom neon sign and custom shelving area displays dioramas, including animals specific to each employee.

Up Close Bar Area

An all-wood background brings a rustic feel to the distillery.

With teal and green throughout the rest of Yampa Valley Hop House and knowing that display elements would be colorful, our interior design team wanted to differentiate the bar by keeping the backsplash neutral. The subway tile laid in a brick pattern conveys a traditional aesthetic alongside early 1900s-esque shiny copper piping. The lighting choices are vintage old english interior design with additional pieces added on the columns to create an extra layer of light. Decorative lighting in place of overhead lights adds more to the ambiance of the space.


main bar

 Mixed metals, warm wood tones and a subway tile backsplash give the bar a unique feel.

Overall we were thrilled to help two local businesses craft unique brands and guest experiences in both the Mythology Distillery and Yampa Valley Hop House. We truly enjoy bringing visions to life and crafting a branded story to tell guests through commercial interior design. See more of our commercial projects here.