Keep Up with These Four Kitchen Trends


Stone, tile and concrete combine with a pop of color, allowing the kitchen to seamless bleed into outdoor spaces.

As the end of summer draws near we tend to spend more time in one of the home’s prime gathering space – the kitchen. When we are designing kitchens we try to look for unique ways to connect users to views, outdoor light and adjacent outdoor spaces. Many of our designs feature floating islands, minimal upper cabinets and open site lines to multiple directions. We put ourselves in our client’s shoes and try to live in the experience of cooking, eating or doing homework to create special moments within everyday tasks, creating the centerpiece of the home.

We’re sharing what we love about four current design trends for kitchens below, as seen in Luxe Magazine’s July issue.



Rich browns and chalky greys have become a popular combination in many of our mountain homes. The combination is modern, but still rustic. We’re seeing wood veneers that are streamlined, rift cut or wire-brushed to maintain a clean aesthetic yet add the warmth only wood can bring. There are also so many fun new wallpapers and accent tiles that can be applied sparingly for a big change. Choose one wall, the ceiling or a small area of tile to change out with bold colors or patterns. This small change will have a big impact!


Natural light floods this kitchen space making it a bright and welcoming gathering space.


Working in a dark, unconnected kitchen doesn’t inspire much. Everyone can appreciate natural light and breezes flowing into their kitchen space whether they are cooking up a gourmet meal or eating takeout. Changing out decorative lighting fixtures always adds a new design flair and can be done at a relatively low cost. New LED technology has allowed more creative uses of cove lights, undercounter elements and cool niche accents. Layering these means you can have an upbeat party mood or a spa like calm depending on what is going on at the time.


With minimal upper cabinetry, sight lines can blend through the kitchen to other living spaces.


Today there are so many great options to create the perfect combination of refrigeration and freezer solutions. From stand-alone columns to undercounter drawers, everyone can find the perfect flow without being restricted to a traditional over/under model or side-by-side set-up. Doing a deep dive into functional and aesthetic needs can help you pick and choose which items need to be most functional and which items can have more design flair.


More often than ever our kitchens do not include typical “upper cabinets.” We utilize large cabinet “blocks” to create space for storage and appliances without completely separating the kitchen with a traditional wall. People are loving concrete counters for their unique textures, natural vibe and their ability to create integrated elements like sinks and drainboards. Concrete is great because it can go both modern and traditional depending on how you use it.

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Photo Credits: David Patterson