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Bronze Tree Remodel
The clients owned a condo in a prime location directly adjacent to the Steamboat Ski Area. It boasts amazing views, floor-to-ceiling glass and ski-in ski-out adjacency. Unfortunately the condo was extremely dated with most finishes and furnishings being decades old. Vertical Arts rearranged a tight plan to allow for a larger entryway, better flowing kitchen, and a larger master bathroom. The new finishes are fresh and modern. Clean-lined porcelain flooring combined with high-gloss white cabinets, white bright walls and dark furnishings creates a whole new feeling in the small condo. VA thought through every detail to maximize storage and efficiency. As such, an in-wall pantry pulls out for storage of dry goods while a moveable table flies over the kitchen counter to create a breakfast bar that can be pulled out for a more intimate dinner setting. The coffee table also raises to allow additional dining for larger groups. VA was able to create a multifunctional office space within a guest room that can double as the client’s workspace majority of the time.
Location: Steamboat Springs, CO
Completion Date: 2017