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Cloverdale Restaurant

Vertical Arts strived to create a design that felt modern, yet paid homage to the original historic house the restaurant is housed within. Many of the modern design elements, including the chandelier and bar area are carefully detailed to fit perfectly within the original structure of the house.

When guests enter the restaurant, they are drawn through the bar area which features a custom solid oak bar designed and fabricated by Stel House & Home. The bar’s show-stoppers are the steel liquor shelves that sit in front of the homes original windows. The shelving carefully aligns with the window’s muntin bars which allows sunlight to filter in behind the liquor bottles, creating a special glow. The bar also features molding with traditional appeal, while still tying in to the rustic-farmhouse appeal. Adding to this, the design elicits a farmhouse vibe with the rustic wood ceiling and oversize glass pendants.

Stēl House & Home also fabricated majority of the furniture for the dining room space, including custom banquette seating, all of the dining tables, and a feature round table made from an old church pew. The modern chairs and brass lighting give the space an eclectic, yet refined feeling.

Location: Steamboat Springs, CO
Completion Date: 2017