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The Olympian

The Olympian is located on a significant corner in downtown Steamboat Springs. As designers, we embraced the opportunity to add to Steamboat’s unique architectural character. The design draws from the historical western tradition of Main Street’s timeless materials, such as red brick and stone with the addition of steel and wood accents. The intent was to represent the true character of Steamboat in a contemporary design that does not copy any one of its traditional buildings yet clearly reflects their interpretation.

The objective of the design and layout was to blend the commercial element of downtown with residential vitality. Above we promote outdoor living with “life on the roof”, created through building setbacks and traditional main street flat roofs. The arrangement of vertical forms with a number of varying setbacks implies several individual buildings in one cohesive design. The lobby is our connection between two structures, enabling a very important transition from commercial to residential court yarded units with the allowable passage of light and visibility.

Location: Steamboat Springs, CO
Completion Date: 2009