The Home for the Holiday Gatherings: How To Design with Guests in Mind

Does your family or friend group have the home that’s always used for celebrations and gatherings? Do you want your new home to be that home? We can help you design your space to be welcoming, cozy and perfect for entertaining guests, especially during the busy holiday season. Read on for tips on designing with guests in mind. 


Photo credit: Kimberly Gavin
An expanding dining table allows for flexibility during meal time depending on who’s home.

Within the main living spaces of your home, consider using furniture or rooms for multiple purposes. For example, if your family typically consists of four members you can utilize an expanding dining table to be functional for more guests, such as the gorgeous circular table pictured above. While dedicated guest quarters may make sense for some, we’ve also had customers that have a trundle or murphy bed in the office to use for visitors. If your home will be used by multiple families or groups, you can even design a second entry specifically for guest use that won’t disturb main bedrooms. 


Photo credit: Kimberly Gavin
This spacious guest quarters features an entertainment area and kitchen in addition to sleeping space.

Crafting your home to create integrated guest suites can be a practical way to have room for everyone. Bunk rooms allow for optimal space utilization and easy sleeping accommodations, especially for other families and younger guests. The bunk room pictured above is actually situated in a hallway for an open suite style. Additionally, an all encompassing guest space can even have its own bathroom, kitchenette, bar and even a separate recreational area perfect for late night entertainment. Aside from designing specific areas for guests, we can also ensure the master suite is separate from both guest and main living quarters.


Photo credit: Gibbeon Photography
In addition to a small kitchenette, this guest-friendly space has its own access to the outdoors.

As with any design project, the details make the difference. Depending on how you plan to use your home, even more guest-friendly features could be in order. We’ve had clients incorporate secondary entrances to guest quarters complete with a laundry room and lockers. Landscape design can also play a part to connect various outdoor aspects of the home, like a separate stairway from the hot tub to the mudroom. Whichever route you choose your guests will surely take comfort in the thought that went into planning their perfect stay.

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